Our Strategy

Dialogue-Action-Research-Advocacy (DARA)

One of the most vibrant colours in our development palette is the DARA process, centred upon the interventions and the participatory research that documents and analyses change in all its forms. This strategy finds the missing links within the local and regional contexts due to insufficient research, and furnishes a sustainable groundwork for future interventions.

Engagement via Civic Education

Civic education is the most neglected and weak aspect of the formal education systems in the developing world. We use this weakness as an opportunity to provide youth with an alternate educative realm. It is a blend of theory and practice through dialogues, social actions and exhibitions, where the novelty of such experience grabs the attention of the youth and imparts lessons that are important for a healthy, peaceful and purposeful life.

Strategy for Gender via Masculinities

Masculinity refers to the complex and multiple ways that manhood is socially defined across historical and cultural contexts, and to the power differences between specific versions of manhood or groups of men. We have used this understanding to develop modules for training delivery that build upon youth's formative life processes to instil a gender neutral world view. These training modules are made effective by tailoring them regularly to reflect local, social, religious and economic contexts.

Youth Engagement Hierarchy

With each passing year, our core team sits together and analyses the successes and failures of the completed and the ongoing projects. This exercise is the essence of our dynamic Youth Engagement Hierarchy, which through an iterative process grows and strengthens to accommodate grass root realities.