• Youth Literary festival Quetta
  • Empower Youth for Work Project Launching Ceremony Jamshoro
  • Concluded our final Action Month on Women Rights
  • TOT and Stakeholder meeting in Swat (Youth Actions for Governance and Democracy)
  • Synthesis Workshop as a platform for sharing experiences of rights based initiatives


CYAAD is an oasis in a hostile world to cultivate youth’s potential through diversified engagements that enable them to become effective leaders and citizens

We envision a world free of exploitation and intimidation where youth's potential is fully harnessed

To foster youth’s learning and engagement for developing empathy and coexistence
To professionalize youth’s skills for livelihood and development
To mainstream youth in process of decision making and effective civic participation
To create new knowledge based on youth’s concerns to influence policy change

The youth is engaged in a range of activities that enable them to take greater role in development, conflict preventions and peace building. At CYAAD, they are provided diverse opportunities of training, mentoring and professional development to enable their leadership abilities to manage/deal with radicalization and to help them expand their role in local level planning and decision making, as well as community development.

News and Events

In the backdrop of EDACE program, and CYAAD’s project around rule of law, the Synthesis Workshop was an opportunity for the Youth Associations, civil society members, local leaders and various government departments to come together to learn from the sharing of experiences, challenges and way forward for the rights agenda evolved during last one year of the program.

The event was successful in achieving its main objective and provided a coherent opinion of the youth associations, government functionaries, and collaborating partners about the possibilities of future avenues for EDACE in South Punjab. It also helped the YAs and collaborating partners of the region to learn from each other’s experiences of taking up rights based initiatives.

The most sustainable of these achievements is the implicit and explicit endorsement by the offices of ombudsman, local administration, government line departments and the DOC Multan about the EDACE program and CYAAD’s project, which have allowed the government to regain the trust of the citizens.

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CYAAD recently initiated its project titled “Expressing Identity, Multiculturalism and Youth (EIMY)” in collaboration with Centre for Culture and Development (CKU) with the support of Danish Embassy in Pakistan in five districts of Balochistan with an aim towards starting a sustainable process of dialogue between different communities and ethnic groups of the province.

Within the short span of 4 months, CYAAD has successfully taken on board 13 literary academies and cultural groups of the province through a series of meetings, orientation sessions and dialogues. These literary institutions have strong internal systems and historical achievements but lack in much needed modern appeal to attract masses, especially youth through modern mechanisms for outreach and engagement. Apart from the overall outreach, these institutions are also in want of the coordination and integration among themselves.

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Office of the "Ombudsman" protects the rights of the people besides ensuring adherence to the rule of law, diagnosing, redressing and rectifying any injustice done to a person through maladministration and suppressing corrupt practices.

You can contact the relevant youth organization in your union council for more information, and application process for the Ombudsman; click here

CYAAD in collaboration with USAID completed Balochistan Cultural Preservation and Revitalization Project - At Lok Virsa (Islamabad) CYAAD organized an evening to celebrate the success of the project.

The joy of such success is hard to explain as it is neither a straightforward development intervention nor a standalone piece of performance art. The true value of such endeavour lies in a trance like experience acknowledged by the senses and sensibilities of the audience and the musicians. Kudos to all those participants who were present at Lok Virsa for this wonderful experience. And kudos to all 70 young musicians who were part of the project and now provide a strong foundation for rebuilding and rediscovering our endangered cultural and musical heritage.

We are thankful to all our esteemed guests, especially Senator Hasil Bazinjo and Mr Jamal Shah, who graced the evening with their presence.

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