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College of Youth Activism and Development

Young people constitute the largest segment of the Pakistani population and around 67% of them are between 15-35 years of age. Our youth is currently facing the most formidable challenges that they are not equipped to deal with. This is particularly true for people belonging to remote areas of Pakistan (e.g. in Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa). In the wake of this predicament, CYAAD is making a difference by filling the void to repel the darkness that lies deep within our society. CYAAD works with young men and women who are in dire need of social and technical guidance to carve a bright future for themselves.

The creation of CYAAD is a bold step to empower Pakistani youth by providing them with opportunities of education, technical training and broad scale engagement. CYAAD is dedicated to make a contribution for poverty alleviation, positive local engagement of our youth in the political system, imparting education and technical training to encourage entrepreneurship and social development, as well as to counter extremism and radicalization (leading to ethnic and religious intolerance).

Over all Beneficiaries Ratio

  • Men 113575
  • Women 92925

Adolescent & Youth Development

CYAAD understands that adolescent & youth within Pakistan are the most vulnerable and neglected social group. We put special focus on creating learning and interactive environment

Women Empowerment

CYAAD have exposure to a wide range of theories and emerging trends, around gendered identities and its consequential implications on the lives the people particularly women.

Peace & Nonviolence

Core values of nonviolence and social justice are central to peace education. Nonviolence is manifested through values such as respect for human rights, freedom, and trust.

Culture, arts, and Literature

In recent years, arts-based approaches to the transformation of conflict have gained increased attention and prominence, from across a range of disciplines.Individual artists

Social Entrepreneurship

CYAAD support students and young entrepreneurs to find innovative business ideas to solve pressing problems related to the Sustainable Development Goals.

Sports for Youth Engagement and Empowerment

It is not possible for the people to co-exist in a healthy manner without an open, tolerant, and peaceful
cultural interaction.

Working With CYAAD

College of Youth Activism and Development

Working With CYAAD

College of Youth Activism and Development

Raziq Fahim

Founder and Executive Director

Najeeba Syed

Associate Director


Program Coordinator

Jan Muhammad

Project Manager

Muhammad Afzal

Manager Finance and Compliance

Muhammad Usman

HR Office


+92-081-2832716 / info@Cyaad.org.pk