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Saroz Night at Lok Virsa in collaboration with USAID

CYAAD in collaboration with USAID completed Balochistan Cultural Preservation and Revitalization Project – At Lok Virsa (Islamabad) CYAAD organized an evening to celebrate the success of the project.

The joy of such success is hard to explain as it is neither a straightforward development intervention nor a standalone piece of performance art. The true value of such endeavour lies in a trance like experience acknowledged by the senses and sensibilities of the audience and the musicians. Kudos to all those participants who were present at Lok Virsa for this wonderful experience. And kudos to all 70 young musicians who were part of the project and now provide a strong foundation for rebuilding and rediscovering our endangered cultural and musical heritage.

We are thankful to all our esteemed guests, especially Senator Hasil Bazinjo and Mr Jamal Shah, who graced the evening with their presence.


TOF for Youth Partners from South Punjab

CYAAD welcomes our current Youth Partners in the region of South Punjab for TOF in Islamabad. The focus of the project is on strengthening rule of law and connecting youth and local government line department for effective service delivery.


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