Scaleable Civic Education and Engagement Program (SCEEP) DAI-UK-AID

Civic education provides a positive framework for collective civic identity. With this as a working purpose, this program has been built on the blend of (Action) research and advocacy for improved and diversified civic education models.

This learning-by-doing approach has three key pillars,
a) diversifying teachers’ role as educational entrepreneurs,
b) Cultivating students’ civic skills through hands-on opportunities of dialogue and action-taking
c) Fostering linkages between government, youth, teachers, parents and civil society groups to advocate for reforms in civic education practices.

The project was implemented in 10 (50 % girls and boys) elementary and secondary schools in two representative districts of Baluchistan, i.e. Quetta and Loralai. CYAAD will build capacity of 60 teachers as educational entrepreneurs, and will use its expertise to package and introduce new range of civic literacies that address the needs of emerging youth in areas of citizenship, identity formation, leadership, tolerance, communication, problem solving and project management. Given CYAAD’s positive reputation, and bold vision for education reform, we envision a level of readiness for the replication of the model to additional districts, instituting new reforms in civic education practices.


  • Location: Quetta & Loralai (Baluchistan)
  • Duration: 3 Years
  • Partner Organization: DAI- UKAID
  • No of beneficieries: 5000
  • 24/7 Support


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