Active Citizenship Program: [British Council-Pakistan]

Being one of British Council’s Strategic Partner, CYAAD has greatly contributed in the Active Citizenship Program, in terms of developing curricular material, training cadre of young facilitators, engaging/training young leaders, creating program tools, coordinating with partners in Baluchistan and improving the capacity of young facilitators.

In this course of engagement, CYAAD has developed its own approach for enabling a community of active citizens and reaching out to thousands of young people and their communities through training, social actions projects, exchanges visits, community events and advocacy ventures to achieve the objectives of the program. For 2013-14, CYAAD continue its partnership with BC with a new range of training, social actions, community mobilization and dialogue in Balochistan, KP (Swat) and Sindh (Karachi). The programme will bring young people & partners from across these areas on common platforms, promoting a better understanding of diverse communities and mainstreaming marginalised youth.


  • Location: Baluchistan, KP (Swat), Sindh (Karachi)
  • Duration: 1 year
  • Partner Organization: British Council
  • No of beneficieries: 5000
  • 24/7 Support


British Council