Youth Actions For Peace [USIP]

The objective of this innovative program is to engage the youth through a series of self reflections (training) including an analysis of identity, its link with the surroundings and how it can positively link with a social action.

The actions generated were also based on the youth’s perspective of the world around him/ her. YAP from 2012- 2013 in two districts of Balochistan i.e Loralai and Quetta. Over period of one year program benefited 2700 young people directly -138 youth leaders, 525 peer and 2037 global citizens and more than 20901 indirect beneficiaries. The purpose of the Youth Action for Peace is to improve young people’s understanding of, and ability to, address the causes and consequences of conflict in their own communities and beyond.


  • Location: Loralai & Quetta
  • Duration: 1 year
  • Partner Organization: USIP
  • No of beneficieries: 2700
  • 24/7 Support