Active Communities (KYI)

This project aimed to impart skills in youth for creating dialogues; developing positive social networks and take concrete actions to learn / develop values and beliefs that undermine the attraction of extremism.

Under this Project CYAAD trained 780 youth in identity formation, conflict prevention and management, civic engagement, community mobilization and leadership. CYAAD also provided and created dialogue opportunities and spaces between the trained youth and communities leading to positive conflict resolution and social action to counter violent extremism. This project was implemented in Lyari, Korangi, and Sultanabad/Hijirat Colony, which are among the KYI’s focused areas.


  • Location: Lyari, Korangi, Sultanabad/Hijrat Colony
  • Duration: 18 months
  • Partner Organization: USAID
  • No of beneficieries: 780
  • 24/7 Support